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George P. Steele was born in Hanover in 1801. He was a son of Joseph Steele.

He was sheriff of Luzerne county from 1841 to 1844, and represented this county in the senate of Pennsylvannia from 1856 to 1859.

His first wife was Susan B. Crisman, a daughter of Abram Crisman, a son of Frederick Crisman, who came to Hanover as early as 1788 and built the red tavern. She died in 1847.

They had two children — one, a daughter, became the first wife of F. J. Leavenworth, and the second, a son, Harrison Steele.

George P. Steele married, for his second wife, Mrs. Lydia Doak [nee Eldridge.) She was the daughter of Robert Eldridge, a native of New London, Connecticut. George Palmer Steele, of Pittston, was issue of this marriage.

Mr. Steele, during his life time, was principally engaged in hotel keeping. He erected the Luzerne house, at the corner of the public square in this city, which was known for years as Steele's hotel. He sold the same to Ziba Bennett, when the name was changed to the Luzerne house. Mr. Steele died in 1870. (George Kulp)

Judge George Palmer STEELE, 69, one of the Associate Judges of the Courts of Luzerne Co died suddenly at his residence, Market St, on 2 Feb 1870. (Pittston Gazette)

George P. Steele. a former sheriff of Luzerne County (1841-1844), State Senator (1856-1859) and associate judge from 1866 to 1870.